These instructions show recommended way to apply Red Cameo instant nail art quickly and effectively.


1. Choose a suitable size for each nail, remove the top clear protective film, rip the
selected instant nail art cover from the strip and gently peel off the back paper.

2. Position the instant nail art on the finger close to the cuticle. Press down over the nail and smooth out.

3. Cut off the excess part, and with the nail file, gently file along nail edge, ensure a good fit and the nail is covered. Make sure the instant nail art is pressed flat on the nail.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for other fingers.

5. If there are nail art accessories, you can apply them now to the appropriate locations on the chosen nails.

6. Red Cameo Instant Nail Arts come with a strong adhesive, which won't damage your nail, but will stay on for a good while. However, you may prefer to apply a top coat to ensure longer lasting.

Apply the top coat CLEAR GUARD gel over the instant nail art, then dry under the LED lamp for approximately 2 minutes (press down twice) or until dry.